Our Compensation Structure

New employees will be compensated between a rate of $13.00-$20.00 per hour depending on their installation experience. A scorecard will be completed by every employee's foreman weekly. Every three to six months, an employee's rate of pay will be reevaluated. Olson Construction recognizes continual high scores, as well as speed, knowledge, and quality of installation. Employee's rates will then be evaluated and may increase.


Olson Construction will soon provide access to full benefits for their employees.


At Olson Construction, we place high value on our team members and culture, knowing full well that a good culture contributes greatly to high performance. Therefore, Olson Construction donates a percentage of its profits from each project evenly across three benefit pools: the production pool, the attitude pool, and fun pool. Olson Construction distributes this money to every employee at its own discretion.