We are transforming our industry, building lasting value for all people and greater solutions for our market


About Us

Olson Construction Industries is a manufacturing, installation, and site management company. We utilize a holistic management process that incorporates the principles of TOC: the Theory of Constraints. Every member works as part of a team to identify the limitations or constraints that prevent consistent production, quality, and/or speed. Real-world, timely solutions are then created, not only for Olson Construction- but for our industry as well. Approaching each project with the end in mind, we collaborate with suppliers, general contractors, and subcontractors, to ensure timely scheduling while proactively resolving manufacturing issues. When assembling and/or installing product, our on-site team considers the other trades involved as well as the project owner, general contractor, suppliers, and even the future residents for each property. We strive for cleanliness, professionalism, and a willingness to go the extra mile. We are committed to do more than just a job; we provide top-quality product by skilled professionals who implement proactive solutions to on-site problems. Olson Construction Industries seeks to deliver not only exceptional service, but also a memorable experience for the entire customer chain.

Our Story

Isaac Barlow founded Olson Construction Industries in 2015. He started out installing for small cabinet manufacturers, but as his company grew and members were added to the team, he soon found himself in the multi-family housing market. As his team of installers expanded and the size and complexity of the projects increased, Isaac became aware of how cost driven and fierce the competition was at every level, from the general contractor to the suppliers, to the installers, and so on. The construction industry was so focused on cost and "saving money" that it forced contractors and suppliers to cut corners in every possible way to meet the market demands for a lower price, initiating a domino effect of inferior products and shoddy workmanship. This competition was pressuring our installers to sacrifice quality for speed just to ensure profitability. Isaac and his team wondered if it was even possible to provide real solutions to these chronic problems in the industry  in a profitable way. That is when the company was introduced to the Theory of Constraints, or TOC. This management science immediately resonated with the team. A TOC business coach was brought in to train management and workers how to utilize TOC to address the price vs. performance conflict. As a result, Olson Construction Industries has found a way to eliminate the conflict of meeting market demands for price while still providing quality performance and service.

What Makes Olson Construction Different?

While Olson Construction is fairly new in the marketplace, we are definitely not the typical manufacturing/installation company; we are really a site management company, making sure the entire project runs smoothly. Problems with products and other trades are proactively presented to the general contractor, and timely solutions and support are offered. Olson Construction team members are proactive and willing to solve problems as they arise on the job site. At Olson Construction Industries, we think as a team and move as one body. We have the vision, to not only change, but to TRANSFORM the construction industry. Using the TOC application, our proactive team is able to focus on removing barriers that prevent each separate part of the business form working together and to work as an integrated whole. We identify constraints and manage our bottleneck for optimal business performance and profitability. One of the main tools we use to do this is our site management software, Vision-Trax. This proprietary software allows us to track work performance- both hourly and piece rate, using a productivity graph that allows us to measure productivity in "real time" and prevent problems internally before they become an issue for the project, enabling us to improve the quality and service we provide for our customers. This software has become an integral part of Olson Construction Industries.

Core Values

At Olson Construction Industries we realize that a strong business culture must be founded on core values. Integrity, Reliability, Willingness, Appreciation, Quality, Ownership, Leadership and Unity make up the foundation of our operations. These values are not mere words; we embody them in all we do and say. We demonstrate through our actions and our daily performance that these values are literally our way of doing business.


We are transforming our industry, building lasting value for all people.


We develop leaders who implement systems that progressively deliver superior value to our marketplace.

Core Values

Integrity - We make and keep commitments.

Reliability - We are punctual, consistently completing quality work on schedule.

Willingness - We are open minded, eager and prepared to go the extra mile.

Appreciation - We recognize specific value and express sincere gratitude.

Quality - We establish quality standards with attention to detail, and we meet or exceed customers expectations.

Ownership - We stand behind our work, individually and collectively.

Leadership - We lead by example in our pursuit of excellence.

Unity - Together, we thrive in an environment of trust, harmony, and focus.  We value each other in pursuit of a greater purpose.

Our Strategy

We are the leader in solving the chronic industry problems in construction industry.

Strategic Objectives

- Communication system with timely feedback

- Collaboration on installation issues, timely feedback from installers

- Working with suppliers to resolve manufacturing issues

- Working with GC's to improve scheduling

- Working with subs to improve integration/coordination

- Utilize TOC methods in all of the above

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